Dinner Place Card/Names



Dinner Place Card/Name


Please enter 1 name per line only, you do not need to add the product to the cart many times, just press the enter key and go to the next line.

Enter the name EXACTLY as you want it made! example, if you enter alex, you will get alex in all lowercase, if you enter Alex, you will get it with a capital A.

Multiple words cannot be connected together as 1 name. Example “GiftTable” should be requested as 2 separate words.

Once you have entered all the names, adjust the quantity to match the number of names in the list. We will only process the list to match the quantity, so if you enter 10 names and have a quantity of 9 in the cart, you will only get the first 9 names. If you want a name more than once, please enter the same name on a new line. Do not add Alex x2 as you will get a place name that says Alex x2 not 2x Alex names.


If you are ordering a large quantity of names, you don’t need to enter all the names right now, just order the required quantity and simply send us the list of names to admin@hotcutdxf.com, or by replying to the confirmation email when you have placed your order. Same applies if you would like to order now to lock in a price and supply the list of names when you have all the RSVPs in.


Bulk quantity discounts are automatically applied in the cart, please ensure that you have the correct quantity to match the number of names in your list

1-30 names – $1.29/ea
31-99 names – 90c/ea
100-199 names – 84c/ea
200+ names – .77c/ea

Black or White Perspex
1-30 names – $2.60/ea
31-99 names – $1.82/ea
100-199 names – $1.69/ea
200+ names – $1.56/ea

Gold/ Rose Gold or Silver Mirrored Perspex
1-30 names – $3.50/ea
31-99 names – $2.45/ea
100-199 names – $2.28/ea
200+ names – $2.10/ea


Available in 3mm MDF or 3mm Perspex
Size is approx 5cm tall, width varies on each name
Australian Made in our Adelaide workshop

31-99 (30% Off) | 100-199 (35% Off) | 200+ (40% Off)

Additional information


MDF – Raw / Unpainted, MDF – Black, MDF – White, MDF – Metallic Gold, Perspex – Black, Perspex – White, Perspex – Rose Gold Mirror, Perspex – Gold Mirror, Perspex – Silver Mirror


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