Powder Coating Color Range

We outsource our powder coating to local professionals who do this all day every day.

It starts in our workshop, every steel piece is meticulously cleaned and de-burred before being sent to the powder coaters who clean it again, run it through the ovens for final heat treatment. It is then undercoated with an galvanised undercoat, heat treated before a top coat of your chosen colour.

Our powder coaters use Dulux Powder colours from 4 different ranges and they are all available for any of our steel products. Below you can see the range of colours that are available for our products. We haven’t listed them all as it would make the choice too hard, so we have picked the fan favourites. That being said, if there is a particular colour of the Dulux range that you want. Please contact us via email at admin@hotcutdxf.com and we can get it arranged for you.