Hot Cut Rewards

The Hot Cut Rewards and Ambassador Club is here!

This is not just a spend to earn program. It is also an ambassador program!

Word of mouth is the best advertising, and as you already love our products and customer service. You are already likely to tell someone about us! So instead of piling money into advertising campaigns, we would prefer to give it back to you in the form of points, rewards and discounts that can be used for that next special gift!

This is not just a spend to earn rewards system, it is also an ambassador system so that you too earn points for every dollar spent by anyone you refer to our products and services. (As long as they are not an existing customer already).

How to earn points

– 100 points just for registering your account!
– 100 points for placing your first order
– 100 points for a product review (only for products you have purchased)
– 100 points for your birthday
– 1 point for every dollar spent
– 1 point for every dollar spent by someone you have referred to us

We even have a launch bonus reward for July

– 10% off discount voucher when you register your account

Back-allocation of points for previous orders from January 2020

We will be allocating points for all previous orders from January 2020 on Monday 18th of July. So if you have purchased from us in the past, and want to claim your points for past orders, please register your account by Sunday the 17th of July 11:59pm. This process will only occur once, so this is your only opportunity to claim your points on past orders. All you need to do is register your account, it takes 2 minutes and leave the rest to us.

Referring us to your friends is easy. There is a referral link located in the “My Account > Loyalty and Rewards > How to earn” section of the website, and there is also social share buttons on each product on the site that automatically embed your referral code (as long as your logged into our website)

It is easy to get started, you can claim your first 100 points and a welcome 10% discount voucher by just registering your account.

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